Joanne is a script writer and director based in Singapore.

She runs her own company, Scripteasers, developing and writing television concepts and scripts. She keeps an eye out for interesting projects. If you are looking for a writer, please contact joanne at scripteasers.com

Besides an interest in dogs and photography, Joanne has an intermediate certificate in professional baking.


In Television

Joanne is currently headwriting for Kin, now in its second season on MediaCorp's Channel 5.


In Television

Joanne has conceptualised, developed and worked on many television shows including top rating and award winning series, in various roles as assistant director, producer, writer and director.

In Theme Park

Joanne was a Show Director/Writer at Universal Studios Singapore from 2010 - 2016 on a consultant basis.

In this capacity, she wrote and conceptualised shows, directed pupeteers, character actors, hosts and stilt performers.

Joanne was also part of the audition panel for the annual USS Audition World Tour, casting and recruiting performers.

For the interactive show, Donkey Live! She was in-charge of the script and directing performers involved in the show. Joanne has also written one-off specials such as Sesame Street Saves Christmas (2013). She also wrote two original stage shows for Easter in 2015 & 2016.

In a managerial role, Joanne also put in place standard practices and operating procedures that have improved the day to day running of shows.




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Theme Park

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