Word #9 for 2015: Baby

Okay, I cheated and broke rule #1. I gave myself this word.

B is for the boy I met.
A is for the Algebra class where we slipped secret messages.
B is for the beer we bonded over.
Y is for “why the fuck did I get drunk?”
(and not pay attention during spelling class?)

Word #8 for 2015: Deliverance

“Deliverance” is contributed by Ann.

It is so, so dark in this box. Stuffed in a plastic shell, suffocated by pockets of air, so that I do not suffer the jolts of conveyor belts or the rough gloves of careless people.

One day, one day, it will be my turn. When my box will be opened. Your little hands will tear apart the plastics that trap me in place.

I will make you smile. You will toss me skyward. I will shatter the light. I will hear your laughter of delight. I will find my deliverance. If only I am purchased before my expiry date.

Word #7 for 2015: Sphincter

From Lynette, the word is “sphincter”.

This is what I came up with:

Letting it out
Keeping it in
Through these gates
None shall pass
The soldier of my body
This window to the mysteries of my gut
Restrains the smelly fart
That threatens to explode
From between the anal slats
Oh Sphincter!
You are small
But you are
The lifeguard of humiliation

Word #6 for 2015: Profound

From Jon, the word is “profound”.

This is what I came up with:

Even though I am warm
It makes me shiver
And these old eyes
Dance with youthful vigour
In this crowded room
Finding a plateau of quiet silence
Within you I find
Your creative genius
It makes me crave
Like a rumble before the storm
Driving this Perfectionist Devil
It overcomes and overwhelms
Liberating my satisfied fullness
Leaving me empty
To be filled again

Word #5 for 2015: Splendiferous

Word #5 for 2015 on the 5th of January is “splendiferous” contributed by Christina.

This is what I came up with:

It’s quite different today
Stormy clouds are away
In the breeze the lotus sway
Nothing could betray
This splendiferous painting that is today

For me, rhyming is really hard. I spend a lot of time trying to find a natural speaking tone when I write. Rhyming to me, isn’t that.

Word #4 for 2015: Elephant

Word #4 of #365 for year 2015 is “elephant” contributed by my aunt Corrina.

This is what I came up with:

Dear God,

I haven’t written to you in a while. But I thought I might just in case you still read letters. I’m writing to ask – isn’t that why everyone contacts you?

With each season, green leaves turn to amber then to brown and break apart. You made the world, you know how it works.

See, my mind’s like that too. And that’s the problem. My memories begin in vivid colour, fade to black and white then turn… now what just happened?

So God, please give me an elephant’s memory. The way my mother looked at me when I was first born. The colour of the sky when I spoke to my father about — you know what we spoke about.

I’m not asking for world peace. Or happiness. I’ve learnt to deal with crap. I need memories so that I don’t keep fucking up and having to deal with crap from fucking up.

I promise. You give me this, I won’t be writing to you for a long time.

Yours sincerely

Word #3 for 2015: Monster

“Monster” is the word from Siew Li and this is what I came up with:

In this moment
This encounter
one, or one of many
by chance, or by design
My face could
You couldn’t guess
My mind wants
to hold you
to fuck you
to watch you choke in my grasp
I push you away
Fearing you will see this monster
Shielding you from my monster
Choosing alone
Please turn
Please make a guess
Please take a chance
On this Monster
Who yearns to
be with you
be warm
be touched

That’s a lot of words.


2015 in black and white

My second personal project for 2015 is to address a feeling that I’ve not taken enough photos with my cameras.

So, I’m going to take one black and white photo each day for 2015 in square format.

I’ll be uploading them directly to my gallery.

Personal Project for 2015

So, just last night I thought of doing a personal project for 2015.

  1. Get a random word from anyone.
  2. Write something about, around, or using that word. Anything. Any form.
  3. It doesn’t have to be perfect or even good, but it has to be written.
  4. Take only 10 minutes to complete the task.
  5. Do this once a day, each day for 2015.

So for 1st January 2015, the word, contributed by my friend Lillian is “juice”.

And this is what I’ve written:

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